Hotel in the Shade - a modern oasis in Tamarindo.

Hotel in Nested in a side street of the beach town Tamarindo, our modern boutique hotel offers you a place to relax, and unwind. Our oasis in a bustling town features a modern infinity pool with ambient lighting, and 16 minimalist rooms with all the necessities. We believe that air conditioning and hot water are a must, and that hypoallergenic sheets and premium orthopedic mattresses are essential to a good night's sleep. We have a small cafe on site that serves the best coffee that Costa Rica has to offer, Britt, always ground fresh, never made beforehand.

Tamarindo Costa Rica attracts thousands of visitors each year.  This small fishing community of the 1970s and 80s has blossomed into a vibrant playground for surfers beach goers nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. In this Pacific town an ideal combination of city and nature occurs.  It’s a spot that appeals to anyone who craves an authentic Costa Rican jungle and beach experience with the comfort of modern luxury amenities within reach.

Over the years Tamarindo has become an inviting destination filled with shops restaurants and nightlife. It’s no surprise that an abundance of wellness nature beauty and organic living has designated the Tamarindo area as a Blue Zone – where life expectancy is among the highest in the world. 


Tamarindo Beach sees a significant fluctuation in tide high each day and you’ll enjoy watching the beach change hour by hour.  Lower tides are the time for beach walks jogging yoga on the beach or simply sunbathing in the warm sand. At high tide you’ll want to get your boogie board or surfboard.  Whether you’ve come to Tamarindo specifically for the surf or you’ve never touched a surfboard in your life Tamarindo is the beach for you. Professional surf instructors will get you on your feet on easy waves if you’re surfing for the first time.  Experienced surfers can paddle out at bigger breaks and surf until the sun goes down.


Speaking of sunset it’s one of the best parts of a visit to Tamarindo Costa Rica.  365 spectacular sunsets per year are one of the things that makes Tamarindo a dream vacation destination.  Every day in Tamarindo ends with a light show as the sun sinks between the clouds into the sea. If this isn’t on your bucket list already add it in.